Many consultancy practices provide advice - often costly and advising the use of expensive solutions. Fine (perhaps) for larger business but inappropriate for smaller, cost sensitive operations. We don’t provide advice. We provide support. Based on our experience of starting up and running many businesses we suggest the most cost effective solution to any issues you may have then help you to implement them for you for as long as you need. If you need the services normally provided by a Finance Director or Bookkeeper, a Technical Director or IT Support Manager, Customer Support Manager but cannot justify hiring a full time person then we can help. We will supply the expertise you want, for the hours you need without the commitment of hiring someone or signing up to a long term contract.
Web Portals
Web based process driven systems that automate real business needs. Fully customised and managed for individual clients without using custom platforms - just industry standard base technology. 
Presence Web Sites 
Web sites that provide a real presence on the Internet for smaller companies. Fully responsive custom designs targetted for all platforms, ensuring business needs are fully met.
Customer Support Services 
CRM based support for your business. Design, implementation and, if required, day to day management of CRM support systems for your business. Pay only for what you need.
Getting effective use of technology for business can be impossibly difficult for many smaller businesses. We can help stay ahead of competition with the the right technology used in the best way possible.   
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