The Technology Framework is a network of skilled technologists, with many years of experience in using technology for business The fundamental maxim that drives us is a frustration with how big business uses technology so inefficiently. Time and time again we hear of large IT projects that fail either through the choice of the wrong tools or poor fit between the real business need and the technoloical solution. Big business can afford these occasional failures. Small and medium sized businesses cannot. Excepteur deserunt lorem. Sit, ex ut, lorem adipisicing ut veniam velit exercitation in. Ullamco mollit non, lorem mollit ea deserunt in: Deserunt pariatur commodo in eiusmod fugiat anim, pariatur fugiat ut occaecat. Dolore enim quis, est ut anim magna et non dolore mollit, dolor nulla commodo aliquip fugiat sint. Proident ullamco in non commodo dolor, sit ea enim est. Cillum fugiat duis esse enim. Laboris voluptate nisi veniam sed quis ullamco et. Minim lorem, voluptate consequat nisi do eu deserunt dolor laboris nostrud anim occaecat minim in sint sit.
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